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The Top 20 Proficiency Skills For Career Growth


e-learning course

Course Description

Soft-skills has become one of the most significant and powerful tools that can help individuals gain advantages in career development and job security. This course is designed to help you obtain specialist knowledge to progress your career in an ever-changing job environment. Here are some key features of the new e-learning course:

This course will give you the flexibility to study at any time that is convenient with your work schedule. You can study at your own pace and don’t have to log in at a specific time for lessons.


You can study and interact with your instructor and other students through the built-in discussion tab and activities.


This course will focus on practical skills that will boost your confidence and proficiency to fast track your personal and professional growth.


Our course provides real world knowledge and insights on how to navigate the corporate workplace through proficiency skills.


8 weeks - 8 weekly modules 

Modules of study

Module 1: Mindset -

What are the 3R’s? -

How to break away from your limiting self-beliefs?


Module 2: The 3 universal laws:

The law of reciprocity

The law of self-learning

The law of compensation


Module 3: The 3 most complex personality types to build rapport and trust


Module 4: The 3 etiquette skills that work in your favour every time


Module 5: The 3 cultural business skills to achieve win-win outcomes


Module 6: The 3 most problematic work situations (clients/bosses)


Module 7: The 3 most powerful words to use to gain positive buy-in


Module 8: The skills that can fast track your success (business/career)


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