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Are your cyber security risks under control? 

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Considering new and emerging cyber threats

While the IT environment at many organisations has functioned successfully for a long period of time, this is often largely due to the experience of IT employees, who have a good knowledge of the organisation and experience in its information technology environment.

Many Board members and CEO’s are now asking if management has sufficient systems and processes in place to protect the organisation against new and emerging cyber threats.

A Cyber Assessment covers the foundational cyber prevention practices with practical recommendations provided on how to best address gaps.

Scope and objectives

The objectives of a Cyber Assessment are to: • Ensure our you are well protected in the current cyber world; • Provide you with a high-level assessment of the status of cyber risk preparedness; and • Consider controls in place to prevent a cyber risk eventuating in your business. In a short high-level review, consider your approach to: • Assignment of security responsibilities • Cyber risk analysis • Security strategy and policies • Remediation activities • Third party vendors • Staff training • Independent review • Security controls currently in place • Backup arrangements • Mobile device management • Incident reporting and logging. What is involved?

We meet with your IT personnel to understand your organisation’s cyber preparedness, and the controls in situ in your organisation. Based on their responses, a report will be provided rating your cyber maturity, and detailing steps you can take immediately to improve your cyber risk preparedness.

Contact us at to order and pay for your Cyber Assessment for USD$1,000 (GST exclusive).


Ms. Rachael Mah

CEO, AusAsia Advisory & Traning Services

International Advisor & Trainer


Mr Stephen Coates CEO, International Risk & Cybersecurity Advisor & Trainer

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