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Are you or your coach responsible for your "success" during the coaching relationship?

Updated: May 15, 2020

This is a bold question.

However, there is immense value to share this blog with you based on my global experience as an International Risk Advisor, Coach and Practitioner across the Asia, USA, Europe and Australia & New Zealand (Oceania) for nearly 3 decades in diverse indutries ie multinationals, SME's, public sector and NGO's.

It is easy to say that with a coaching relationship, like any other relationship, it takes two to tango. Also, there is no one size-fits all coaching program. Therefore, we must ensure that you are the centre of focus and the coaching is for your success, be it for career, business or personal life.

The success of the relationship is reliant on the contribution of both the coach and the client. One could also say that since the coach is usually the person with greater experience, knowledge and skill sets, he or she must take responsibility for establishing fertile ground for a relationship. Is that true?

As a coach, I offer our clients a supportive and motivating environment to explore what they want in life and how they might achieve their aspirations and fulfil their needs. My key coaching role is to assist you, as our clients, to maintain the motivation and commitment to achieve your goals in a trusted, responsive, supportive and non-confrontational environment.

However, YOU (the coachee) is responsible for ensuring the success of the coaching relationship. WHY is this so important to spell out at the start of our coaching relationship?

From the outset, coaching relationships are more one sided than the two way street of a friendship or family relationship.

Our premium and customised coaching programs are invariably structured to benefit you (the coachee), whether you are a junior to mid-senior professional preparing to step into a more senior role, or an executive being reverse mentored to better understand technology or other defined scope of executive challenges and objectives.

The success of the coaching relationship, for both the individuals and the organisation, is reliant on you ( the coachee) moving forward in a calm, proactive and strategic manner for attaining your agreed goals within a certain time frame.

In the end, responsibility must rest with YOU (the coachee) to derive benefit from the coaching relationship.

This responsibility includes:

  • Clarifying what you hope to gain from the coaching relationship;

  • Making sure agreed goals and tasks happen per agreed time frame;

  • Arriving at meetings (live or by zoom video ) with an agenda, or at very least a clear idea of what you would want to discuss;

  • Following up after meetings to summarise any actions agreed.

We, as your trusted coaches from AusAsia Advisory, are accountable partners who will direct and guide you (the coachee) to stay on track towards your predefined set of goals within an agreed timeframe.

A preliminary 10 minutes questionnaire or 10 minutes appointment for setting up a successful coaching plan and relationship would serve as a mutually beneficial establishment of whether we can help you

before a contractual coaching relationship is formalised.

Ultimately, You are the “DRIVER” of your “TRAIN" of Goals and Deadlines for your achievements, be it in your business, career or personal life or all 3 aspects of life.

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