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    How to Protect Assets and Profits(FRM)-AAA107-Organizational Teams by private booking
  • Have You Defined Your Three Keys to 2021 Desired Outcomes - Free Webinar
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  • X'MAS 50% Off- 20 Proficiency Skills For Career Growth (AAA 108A)- 8 Week Program
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  • 5 Pillars To Cyber Risk Management For Non IT Executives (AAA1101)
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  • 8 Skills to Cross-Cultural Business & Career Success -AAA1018 9th and 17th September 2020
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  • Top 20 Critical Skills For Career & Business Success(AAA 108A)- 8 weekly program
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  • FREE WEBINAR Top 5 Ways To Cross-Cultural Business Success(Value $99)
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  • Agile GRC & Internal Auditing (AAA105PP2): 3 x 2.5 hour workshop
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  • Asia Africa Virtual Summit "Change Through Collaboration"
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  • 20 Critical Skills To Stay Ahead in the Uncertain world (AAA 108A)
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  • How to Protect Assets and Profits -Group Coaching (AAA0103) Day1 & 2
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  • Agile GRC & Internal Auditing (AAA0105PP) : 3 x 2.5 hour workshop
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  • Are You & Your Business Cyber Risk Prepared? (AAAIWFCI 1101)
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  • 20 Critical Skills - Next Level Coaching Mastermind Program (AAA106)
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  • How to Implement Agile GRC and Internal Auditing Skills (AAA1102) 9th and 10th July
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  • How to Sharpen Cultural Business & Professional Skills (AAA107) to Increase Bottom Line
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  • How to Implement Effective Cultural Business & Professional Skills
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  • How to protect assets and profits in the cyber world (ValueUSD$99)- FREE Webinar
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  • Agile Governance, Risk & Controls (GRC) and Auditing Skills
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  • Implement Effective Cultural Business & Professional Skills -Free Webinar ValueUSD$99
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  • 20 Critical Skills To Stay Ahead in Business & Career
    AusAsia Training
  • Free Webinar Value USD$99: Agile Governance, Risk & Controls (GRC) and Auditing Skills
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  • Top 5 Critical Skills To Stay Ahead in Business & Career
    Online Zoom Webinar
  • 7 Critical Skills To Stay Ahead in the Uncertain World
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  • Webinar :Good Risk Management =Stronger Sustainability & Profits
    Good Risk Management Webinar #2
  • Fraud and Cybercrime Awareness- Free Webinar
    Fraud and Cybercrime Awareness Webinar
  • Good Risk Management - Free Webinar
    Good Risk Management Webinar
  • 10 Skills to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors after COVID-19
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The Top 20 Proficiency Skills For Career Growth

Our customised courses  are essential for fresh graduates, job seekers and seasoned workers. The courses will bring you up to speed on the necessary skills to thrive in a post-COVID world

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Our Clients' Wins/Outcomes

We found AusAsia’s cultural awareness program an important component of our strategy for doing business in China. It has improved our understanding of the differences in the way our cultures do business. We have incorporated changes in our business model as a result.

Chris S and Anne O, Enterprise Geelong, Australia

"The knowledge the team has gained in respect to conducting business, negotiating and understanding cultural nuances is paramount and will place them ahead of the curve not only professionally but also personally".

Ross A, NBN Sales & Service, Telstra

Recently, Rachael Mah conducted a workshop, AusAsia Cultural Skills" for the staff of AutoCRC Limited in Melbourne, Australia. As an organiser and participant of this workshop, I was impressed with the professionalism, high standards, immaculate presentation style and in depth knowledge of the subject by Ms Mah. The team of AutoCRC Limited found the deep insights into cultural differences and tips about the use of this knowledge during negotiations offered at the workshop very helpful. We all had enjoyed learning the social and dining etiquette rules including the role play activities. The overall workshop experience was excellent and is highly recommended for organisations dealing with or expanding into Asia as well as for individuals willing to learn about Asian cultures.

Ms. Oxana J. Chief Financial Offcier, AutoCRC Limited, Melbourne, Australia

At the 2014 Audit World Conference in Asia, Kuala Lumpur, I had attended the masterclass workshop that was run by Mr Rachael Mah from AusAsia Institute. The course was full of interactive and live case studies, discussions and I have learned new strategies to enhance our company audit, risk and compliance function. It was an excellent , well organised course including cross-cultural communication techniques. Thank you.

N.Mohsen, General Auditor, Saudi Electricity, Saudi Arabia

Ms. Rachael Mah's Master Class Audit and Risk Mitigation training was very informative, interactive and had lots of useful live case studies and strategies for the cross-cultural business environment. Rachael was also willing to answer all the questions by the participants in detail with examples in real situation during the master class discussion and also by emails. Thank you Rachael.

Ms. Rini P, Senior Auditor, PT Badak NGL, Indonesia


I had recently attended the ‘Fundamentals of Internal Auditing’ 4 day intensive course in Melbourne, Australia. I would recommend Rachael as a Corporate Trainer and Consultant to anyone who is looking to gain useful, insightful and beneficial training in the Internal Audit field. Her depth of knowledge and experience combined with her friendly and helpful demeanor meant my time over the 4 day intensive sessions was very well worth it. Not only will the training benefit my own work but I am able to take back useful knowledge that can be put into real life practice at my workplace.

Sarah Humphris, Internal Auditor, Queensland Country Credit Union


"The recent internal audit report writing and communication skills course that was conducted by Ms. Rachael Mah was a very practical, engaging and interactive course. The training coverage had highlighted the latest global best practices and strategies including many live case studies, reporting styles and templates of weak and excellent report writing and communication techniques. Sharing of experience among delegates had also given us beneficial knowledge for our daily practices. It is a course that is highly recommended for new or experienced senior and heads of Internal Audit and Risks to gain more insights into this subject matter for getting positive buy-in from their key stakeholders and auditees."

Mohd Nizam Mahmud, Head of Internal Audit, Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd, Malaysia


The 3rd Audit World 2014 Conference Master Class seminar in Asia, Kuala Lumpur was facilitated by Ms. Rachael Mah from AusAsia Institute ( Melbourne, Australia). It was a very dynamic, interactive sharing of tips and traps of audit , compliance and fraud risk mitigation plus a discussion of live case studies and strategies for business controls especially on her audit planning strategies. Thank you - it's much appreciated, Ms. Rachael.

Ms. W. Weesakul, Vice President, Bangkok Bank, Thailand


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